Help us raise awareness of Reiki Day

Reiki Day is scheduled for August 17, 2018. We are asking Reiki practitioners worldwide to send their Love and Light across the Earth as a warm blanket of healing for ALL on that day. But, it does not matter if you practice Reiki, or not, you can still join in and send LOVE to ALL.
It is our goal to create awareness of this day worldwide. 
We are asking for help in organizing and marketing this one day event to maximize the Love and Light worldwide so that the Earth, and all of us, may receive the healing energies of the Infinite Love and Light.
The $25,000 that I am asking for is seed money to make Reiki Day a reality.
I hope to enlist over 1000 Reiki practitioners worldwide to host local events. At these events I envision hundreds of participants giving pure LOVE and LIGHT to help heal the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants.
There is much work to be done to make Reiki Day happen, let alone become a success, so please give what you can.
If you would like to offer your help in healing the Earth, please visit
Peace and Love to ALL!
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